Supermarket Payment Terms

Whenever I see a client who is supplying supermarkets I always whince at the time it takes them to get paid and also the terms and conditions suppliers have to agree to.

In April 2008 the competitions board confirmed that supermarkets use their buying power to pass on excessive risk and unexpected costs to their suppliers. “Good news for small business” you may think. But what has been done about it?

Initially it was recommended that an ombudsman was set up with the power to impose financial penalties against retailers who fail to comply.

Unfortunately 3 and a half years later this has still not been set up.

The frustrations will no doubt continue as small businesses are forced to feel the pinch. However, at Smart Factoring Quotes we are happy to help source the right financial solution for your business to ensure that cash flow can cope with the payment terms. We also aim to minimise costs so that your profits are maximised.

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