Sports Bras

Sports Bras are related to factoring in what way you may ask? They are not related in any way!

We simply wanted to wish Active Sports Bras all the very best for their launch on Monday, February 20th 2012.

Active Sports Bras are a specialist online retailer of sports bras. Their aim is to provide the top brands of sports bras at low prices. At launch Active Sports Bras will be stocking Freya, Panache, Shock Absorber and Sportjock.

They are also trying to encourage more women back to sport with their “Be a sport, Take a mate” campaign.

Good luck to our friends at Active Sports Bras – Supporting Women in Sport.

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New Year – New Finance Facility?

As it is the new year would it be worth reviewing your finance facility? It is probably a worthwhile exercise for the following reasons:

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  • you may be paying a minimum base rate which means you are paying too much and not benefitting from the current low base rate
  • has your turnover increased? If so your service fee is probably too high as it is based on your lower turnover when you set up the facility.
  • Is your funding restricted? If so, structure a facility properly so that cash generation is maximised.

Smart Factoring Quotes will happily conduct a review for you. We will do all the work and our service costs you nothing.

Get in touch today to find out how much money you can save.

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Construction Factoring – What are your options?

Construction factoring can be hard to come by but there are a number of options available. In the first instance you may need to see if all lenders will consider you as part of the construction industry. Some may feel that you are on the fringe and a more traditional type of facility may be available.

However, if your business is predominantly underpinned by contracts with main contractors and you raise applications for payment for work that is completed in stages then there is a good chance that you will need a construction factoring solution.

Your options will include:

Whole turnover agreements: you will notify each and every application or invoice. The agreement can be confidential so your customers are unaware of any lenders involvement. Prepayment levels are typically between 40 and 60%

Selective Debtors – you can choose to factor only the invoices from certain debtors. This allows you to reduce fees that would normally be paid factoring debtors you do not want to.

Selective invoices – you can chose to factor a single invoice or a batch of invoices as a one off exercise or on an ad hoc basis.

If you wish to explore what options are available for your construction business contact the Smart Factoring Quotes team today.

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Are minimum fees increasing your costs?

If you have an invoice finance facility where the minimum fees are being charged each month then the likelihood is that you are paying too much for your facility.

The minimum fee will be the default charge where your monthly turnover has fallen below expected levels.

If this is happening on a regular basis I am confident that Smart Factoring Quotes will be able to save you money by restructuring your facility.

Get in touch today.

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Does factoring impact on profits?

Factoring most definitely impacts on profits.

Let’s have a look at the different ways factoring can impacts on profits.

The most obvious way is by reducing profits because of the costs involved. Factoring has a definite and not insignificant cost and these will impact on any bottom line figure. The key is to find the most cost effective solution that will give your business the cash flow solution it requires.

Increased sales can increase profits. I say “can increase profits” bacause margins obviously have to be high enough. Sales can be increased through factoring in the following scenarios:

  • by offering credit terms to customers that you could not previously
  • by providing working capital to fulfill new orders
  • by opening up new export markets by allowing you to trade with peace of mind
  • providing valuable working capital to fund growth

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By using factoring you can also reduce the risk of bad debts which can increase profits.

Potentially you can also negotiate or take advantage of settlement discounts with suppliers which can also increase profits.

You really need to do some financial forecasts showing the bottom line with factoring and then the bottom line without factoring. It is important to look at the profit and loss forecasts and also the cash flow forecasts of both scenarios.

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Exports and Foreign Subsidiaries

We have new capabilities in terms of assisting businesses with a lerge element of exports or perhaps even a foreign subsidiary they wish to finance from the UK.

It is often suprising that so many lenders are adverse to funding a lerge element of exports. Especially some of the banks who market themselves as global players. However, that is the market we operate in and we can only source facilities from those available.

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We are delighted that we now have more options than ever for export facilities even where the client is only selling to export clients.

In addition to this we also have the ablility to finance foreign subsidiaries of UK companies from the UK.

If you are looking for export invoice finance it is worth speaking with us today.

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Latest client – low minimum fees – ice cream company

We were recently approached by a company that sells ice creams and jams to independent shops.

They were looking to offer credit terms to their customers with a view to increasing sales and gaining competitive advantage. However, as a small company they were put off by most factoring companies minimum fees.

We were able to introduce 2 lenders. One offered a deal with no minimum fees while the other, who was a small independent very local to our client, offered a deal with a minimum fee of £600 per annum.

The client is delighted with their new finance facility. We wish them all the best.

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Latest Client – Flooring Contractor – Factoring

We are delighted to welcome our latest client who is a flooring contractor. They specialise in laminate flooring and service large retail outlets.

They were operating as subcontractors and while margins within their business is good the time it took them to get paid was having a serious impact on their cash flow.

They had already been turned down by 2 banks and an independent invoice finance provider. Having dealt with similar businesses we were able to introduce a lender we were confident could help.

Within 3 weeks a factoring facility was up and running and their cash flow problem was solved.

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Factoring Special Offers

Factoring Special Offers are now included on the home page of Smart Factoring Quotes. If you are a lender with a special offer please let us know. If you are a business looking for the best invoice finance facility for your business please get in touch.

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Why use a factoring broker?

Invoice finance facilities can be fairly complex when you look at how they calculate the cash generated and also the costs involved.

In short the headline rates do not give the full picture. Invoice finance can be costly and typically you are signing up for a 12 month agreement. If you sign up for the wrong facility it can prove to be an expensive mistake.

A competent factoring broker should be able to do the following:

  • understand your business
  • understand your requirement
  • explain what your options are and rough costs
  • help you negotiate with suitable lenders
  • explain your options in full including costs, cash generation, potential retentions and responsibilities
  • from there you should be allowed to make an informed decision. Certainly at Smart Factoring Quotes we do not believe in the ‘hard sell’

The involvement of factoring broker should ensure that you end up with a facility that works for your business. It should also save you time and money.

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