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Single Debtor Factoring


Our client was a recruitment business that supplied temps to a single customer who was a major Plc.

The client had tried to source a factoring facility from several lenders most of who were unwilling to help. Those that could help would only do so at severely reduced prepayment levels.


Lenders viewed the 100% concentration issue as a major problem as their entire risk is associated with a single debtors ability to pay.

Most lenders will impose a 20% - 30% concentration limit on facilities which means that no more than 20% - 30% of a client’s sales ledger can be with any one customer. This severely impacts on any effective prepayment level when a customer breaks through this limit.


Smart Factoring were able to introduce a lender we knew had no issue with providing a single debtor factoring solution.

The facility provided was a disclosed factoring facility with an 85% prepayment level and a 100% concentration limit. This ensured that the client received an 85% advance rate against each and every invoice they submitted.

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