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Recruitment Company


Our client is a substantial recruitment business specialising in permanent recruitment. They source senior executives for companies across Europe.

They wanted a facility that was confidential because they thought that any disclosure would have a negative impact on image. Due to the high profile companies they were dealing with it was important to them to protect this image.

Another important feature of their business was that their customer base had a large proportion of foreign companies so in effect the invoices they were raising were export invoices.


This case raised various challenges.

In general the market of invoice discounting companies has avoided the permanent recruitment sector. This is due to potential rebates that can affect the value actually paid against an invoice. The invoice discounting companies that can help usually restrict prepayments to 50%.

There are also only certain companies that will fund invoices raised to companies outside the UK.

There was also the added challenge of sourcing a confidential invoice discounting facility which lenders view as a higher risk.

How Smart Factoring Helped

With our market knowledge of the market of invoice discounting lenders we were able to introduce a lender that could meet the requirements of our client.

We secured a confidential invoice discounting facility with a prepayment level of 70% against both domestic and export invoices.

The facility has allowed our client to fund expansion and growth and they continue to increase turnover and profits.

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